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hydroformingThis processĀ is a cost-effective way of shaping aluminum, brass, low alloy steels, and stainless steel. Arbor Industries, Inc. can accommodate 12″ blanks and draw up to 7 inches at forming pressures up to 15,000 PSI. Irregular contoured shapes are easily formed, often in one operation compared to numerous on conventional presses. The exterior surface quality of the hydroformed part often eliminates the need for further finishing and polishing.

The ability to draw different thickness of material on the same tooling makes hydroforming the ideal solution for research and development work. Our hydroforming abilities are cost-effective, minimizing material thin-out and eradicating the draw marks, tearing, shock lines, and wrinkling that is often found with matched die forming.

Why Arbor Industries?
Arbor Industries Inc. manufactures the highest quality on time products, combining ingenuity and technology to supply a superior value at a lower cost. The very foundation of our success is centered around our state of the art equipment and extensive technical knowledge.
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