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As a company well-versed in the manufacturing process for various machines and parts in various industries, Arbor Industries is able to manufacture aircraft and aircraft parts, spacecraft, missiles, and more in order to ensure safe and optimal functioning for aerospace technology. With the aerospace engineering industry being of such a consequential caliber, it is crucial for the manufacturing process not to be taken lightly. Rather, it should be exercised with much deliberation and attention in the hands of those with years of experience and AS9100 certified technological aptitude. You will find that your parts are given such prudent focus when manufactured by Arbor Industries.


Considering how reliant we are on our automotive vehicles in the U.S., you aren’t going to want just any old manufacturing company taking charge of assembling your automotive components. The slightest error or deviation from proper guidelines during automotive manufacturing can render a car, truck, van, etc. incapable of serviceable or safe performance, which can result in problems ranging from vehicles that will not turn over to vehicles that land their drivers in serious danger. That being said, the manufacturers of Arbor Industries are the toolmakers and engineers that you should trust to handle your automotive parts.


Many companies in our field are either able to do only manufacturing for computers or everything other than work for computer technology. Arbor Industries, however, can do it all. Computers have evolved so quickly over the years into technological devices that many people use on a daily basis, whether for work or personal purposes, which is why we think it is essential to be skilled in both mechanical and computer manufacturing abilities. Being a family-owned company, the younger generations working for our business had integrated computer skills into their hands-on manufacturing experiences when computers were first on the rise. Arbor Industries now has a balanced blend of both “old-school” and current manufacturing processes for you to take advantage of, all of which are AS9100 certified.

Health & Medical

Manufacturing for the health and medical industry plays an instrumental role in saving lives and helping people overcome different ailments. Doctors depend on optimal-functioning medical equipment every day to help patients with varying levels of sickness or injury recover and move forward. Crippling injuries have been made more tolerable or manageable with the help of certain medical technologies that have been manufactured by Arbor Industries. Potentially fatal yet undetectable sicknesses have been discovered in patients with equipment manufactured by us as well, giving doctors the time and knowledge to treat said sicknesses before they get the chance to spread and become too developed to stop.

Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security was designated to protect our country from all sorts of threats, and we can help with that protection with our top-of-the-line manufacturing abilities, manufacturing different machinery that the officials of Homeland Security use to keep us safe. The interruption of or deviation from manufacturing processes for products to be used by Homeland Security can even be disruptive on a national level, which is why it is so important to entrust a company as capable and experienced as Arbor Industries with such manufacturing assignments. Our technological prowess is above and beyond the standard manufacturing company’s, allowing us to assemble products and parts with high-quality precision.


Arbor Industries has experience in manufacturing lighting of an assortment of classifications for an array of functions. We can manufacture components for the lighting of schools, retail buildings, freezers and coolers, warehouses, and more in order to bring structures well-lit but safe environments via energy efficient solutions. We have been trusted more than any other manufacturer to provide quality, cost-effective lighting for a diverse range of industries, accumulating a broader understanding of the process than many other businesses in our field. If you need components that won’t let you down, trust Arbor Industries to light the way for you with our unbeatable, AS9100 certified manufacturing services.


Undoubtedly, the military industry goes hand-in-hand with the aerospace industry in terms of applying thorough exactitude for the manufacturing process, especially considering that aerospace technology is also a branch of military defense technology. Arbor Industries has what it takes to manufacture for land-based weapons, aerospace systems, and naval systems for military defense and will do so with utmost competence and precision. We understand that erroneous manufacturing for such vital components is unacceptable, and you can rest assured that any defense machine manufacturing we do will be enacted with diligence and a high concern for safety. When it comes to manufacturing for military purposes, Arbor Industries is aware that it is not only our reputation as a business that is at stake, but the lives of our clients and country as well.


As with the aerospace and military defense industries, the nautical industry is also one that must be handled with conscientiousness when it comes to manufacturing, especially where manufacturing for military naval systems is concerned. The manufacturing process will often be the deciding factor in if a nautical vehicle literally sinks or swims, but Arbor Industries is proficient and professional enough to guarantee high performance for your vessel. We can manufacture components for anything from submarines, cruise ships, passerelles, davits and cranes, yachts, transom lifts, and more. If you’re looking for a manufacturing company that can handle your stringent requirements, Arbor Industries is the business for you.

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Arbor Industries Inc. manufactures the highest quality on time products, combining ingenuity and technology to supply a superior value at a lower cost. The very foundation of our success is centered around our state of the art equipment and extensive technical knowledge.
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